Health Testing

We use The Asyra Pro, which is the most advanced bio-energetic health screening system available today. Testing with the Asyra Pro is a quick, simple, pain-free, and effective method of finding out how your body is functioning. It allows you to check potential nutrient deficiencies or food intolerances to possible imbalances, environmental toxins and the energetic health of your organs. It can also help you discover possible sensitivities that may be making you unwell.

The results from the health screening help us to provide you with diet and lifestyle recommendations to promote healing and wellness.

What is also so great about our testing is that all we need from you is a hair or nail sample, so we can test you wherever you are based and there is no need to travel or wait around.

Choose between the Food Intolerance and Nutrient Deficiency Test or the Full Body Comprehensive Health Test below and let us help you improve your health.

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Comprehensive Health Analysis

Comprehensive Health Analysis

Comprehensive Health Analysis  We use the most advanced bio-energetic testing equipment to assess your current state of health. The Asyra Pro will indicate the energetic state of internal organs, food...