Super Greens with Matcha Green Tea and Superfoods


✓ Improves Digestion and Gut Health

✓ Aids Weights Loss & Detoxification

✓ Supports Immune System Function

✓ Increases Energy & Vitality

✓ Easy to Swallow, Vegan-Friendly Capsules

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1 Bottle £19.95
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Upgrade Your Nutrition

Our Organic all in one Super Greens capsules are an essential part of everyday health and well-being. One capsule contains all of the essential vitamins, minerals, digestive enzymes and antioxidants your body requires. Easily consume 15+ superfood and organic ingredients with each serving. Supplying your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals in one go.

For over 1000 years Matcha Tea, a traditional Japanese tea, has been used for its extensive health benefits; including boosting energy levels (without a crash), cleansing the body and even encouraging weight loss, an ideal coffee replacement.

Dark, leafy greens play an important role in immune system function and protection from illness but it is difficult to pack enough of them into our daily diet. Ultimate Blend Super Greens Capsules contain over 15 superfood ingredients in 1 concentrated capsule. They offer greater diversity in vitamins, minerals, protein and health-promoting antioxidants.

Our process includes stringent quality control protocols that ensure product potency and consistency. Each bottle provides up to 60 days of whole-body nutritional support to keep you functioning like a well-oiled machine.

Increases Energy, Supports Detox & Weight Management

✓ 15+ Superfood Ingredients

✓ Naturally Rich in Vitamins, Minerals, Protein and Antioxidants

✓ High Bioavailability with Premium Ingredients

✓ Food Based Supplement

✓ Easy to Swallow Capsule

Super Nutrients

With Matcha Green Tea and other antioxidant-rich superfoods, Ultimate Blend Super Greens Capsules help turbocharge your stamina, reduce joint inflammation and elevate your cardiovascular system to aid in detoxification and weight management. They promote heart health, longer energy streams and overall well-being that leads to healthy ageing.

High Bioavailability

For optimal nutritional support in a fast-release capsule, Ultimate Blend Super Greens Capsules condense the reparative and energising powers of over 15 super green ingredients into easy-to-swallow 7mm in diameter capsules. Odourless and with no fillers or additives, they absorb quickly for maximum efficacy.

Highest Quality Ingredients

Ultimate Blends sources only the highest-quality natural ingredients. Our Super Greens Supplement is manufactured under rigorous quality control protocols that include product potency, consistency and efficacy. Its highly concentrated nutritional profile helps detoxify the body and provide the foundational nutrition that you need.

What's Inside Ultimate Blend Super Greens?

A Powerful Blend of Natural Herbs and Greens for Energy and Immunity Boost, with High Strength, Natural Ingredients, including:

"Achieve optimal health, wellness and longevity by supporting your diet and lifestyle with our premium nutritional supplements. We believe the best vitamins and minerals are those supplied by nature. We offer high-quality supplements that work naturally with the body, allowing you to experience the benefits of whole food nutrition, even if your busy lifestyle doesn't always allow."

Beth Cook, Nutritionist and founder of Ultimate Blend.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Sheila Cooper
Helps me to manage IBS

These little green capsules have been a great help in controlling my IBS. I usually only need 1 per day and the flare ups have lessened considerably. When I do have problems in that department I find taking a second, and, on rare occasions, a third, means I rarely need my usual medication. Super Greens are much better for my gut health anyway, so are my preferred 'go to' when I need relief. They're like magic bullets

I haven't noticed any significant weight loss since taking them, but I constantly have to be careful with diet anyway.

Love my greens!

Wouldn't be without this product, it provides me with essential greens without always having to eat lots of salads, which I really don't like!

Jenna, K
Full of good stuff!

Love this product, it means i'm getting lots of goodness but without ensuring i've had salads with every meal! Great for me and my busy days!

James Peters

These have helped with my energy in a massive way but i'm probably most impressed that they are natural and therefore I feel like i'm being healthy at the same time, adding goodness to my body and not artificial stuff like I have been doing. 5 Star for me!

Hollie W
Getting my greens!

Decided to take this product to ensure I am eating my greens, without having to eat salads, vegetables etc throughout the day - I just don't often get the time. Feeling great and love that it's Vegan with no added rubbish, i'm hooked!