Advanced Food Sensitivity, Nutrient Deficiency Check & Personal Nutrition Plan


Do you suffer from uncomfortable bloating or indigestion after eating? We can help you discover your food sensitivities and nutrient deficiencies in less than 7 days!

Using our advanced bioenergetic testing machine, we test for any food sensitivities and nutrient deficiencies you may have. All we need is a hair or nail sample sent to us by post. Your results are then sent by your Nutritionist, Beth Cook. You will also receive a Personal Nutrition Plan, identifying what supplements your body needs and steps to follow for better health. 

Ways to take your sample: Hair or Nail Sample

How can this test help you?

By knowing and eliminating your food sensitivities, you can feel better in your daily life. Eliminate bloating, indigestion, and tiredness so you can get back to being YOU!

You will be provided with a bespoke Personal Nutrition Plan, by certified Nutritionist Beth Cook. Eliminate the guesswork and find out exactly what foods are causing you issues, so you can make necessary changes.

These common health issues may be helped through information gained from Bioenergetic Testing:

• Hair loss

• Digestive problems e.g.: constipation, bloating, IBS

• Overweight or underweight; difficulty losing weight

• Headaches and migraines

• Persistent tiredness and lack of energy

• Joint aches and arthritis

• Cardiovascular illness e.g. high blood pressure

• Mood swings, depression and lack of motivation

• Frequent colds and infections

• Skin problems e.g. acne, eczema, dry flaky skin

• Thrush and candidiasis

• Food sensitivities and adverse reactions

How it works

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Buy The Test

Book our test and receive detailed instructions on how to take your hair or nail sample and where to send it.

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Post Your Sample

Post your hair or nail sample to us and wait only 5-7 days to receive your life changing results.

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Follow The Plan

Avoid your highlighted Food Sensitivities and follow your very own Personal Nutrition Plan.

What's covered in this test?

Food & Drink Sensitivities

Testing over 200 different food and drink items! Click or tap the buttons below for more information.

Test Includes:

Vitamin & Mineral Deficiencies

Nutrient deficiency check of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and amino acids. Click or tap the buttons below for more information.

Test Includes:

See What Some of Our Customers Say

Jana Bartlett


"I became aware that I had a lot of deficiencies even though I thought I’d been eating well. I actually needed to start eating a bit differently, specifically including things I was missing. When I started taking the recommended supplements and followed the recommended protocol, I actually found that I started feeling a lot better....I actually found that when I reduced and removed the intolerances that came up from my test from my diet, I felt that I had a lot more energy, I even felt less anxious. What I found when I was eating the foods that I was intolerant to before, that I would suddenly get very tired and feel a bit off. So when I removed that I stopped having moments like that and that was amazing, that was a huge change"

Jessica Wells


"So I was recently referred to Ultimate Blend by a friend because I was having trouble sleeping and I guess had concerns over how best to support my immune system. Well it turned out through having a nutrient deficiency test that I was deficient in quite a lot of vitamins and minerals. So I’ve been taking a daily Vitamin C now for a few weeks to help support my immune system and a Multivitamin to basically ensure my deficiencies are covered. Well after a few weeks I do feel a lot better. I feel more focused in the day and definitely see my skin is more clear and softer….so thanks Beth, I love that I now have a place I can come not only for supplements but nutritional support"

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Helen Dunn-Jones
Poor customer service

I changed my mind about this product and was not given a refund. Bought via Wowcher and neither Wowcher or the merchant were helpful in refunding me. Will follow it up with my bank next!

Amber Hayles

Previously wrote a poor review as there was an issue with my test getting lost and no results. The issue was resolved and now I have the results they are a real eye opener and very in-depth! Would throughly recommend.

Amber Hayles
No results

No results and no response to emails, whattsapp or live chat . Money down the drain sadly.

Jacqueline Stacey
Accurate intolerance and deficiency rest

Over several years I have booked clients a test. The feed back has been fantastic and
Made such a difference to people's health and wellbeing


My sensitivity has changed..but wont risk strawberries as they cause anyphlatic shock and have epi pen for...