Hormone Happy High Strength with 16 Bioactive Ingredients


✓ Helps Relieve Symptoms of the Menopause

✓ Hormone Balancing

✓ Improves Sleep & Boosts Energy Levels

✓ Supports Immune System & Overall Wellbeing

✓ Easy to Swallow, Vegan-Friendly Capsules

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1 Bottle £23.95
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Daily Formula to Support Symptoms of The Menopause

Smooth Menopausal Transition: Enhance your body’s natural balance, alleviate symptoms, and embrace this significant life phase with grace.

Natural Ingredients You Can Trust: Only the best ingredients like Vitamins, Minerals, Botanicals, and Phytoestrogens. No artificial preservatives, No GMOs, and a Vegan friendly formula.

Tailored for Your Hormonal Health: Our nutritionist-approved capsules easily fit into your daily routine, providing a steady support system for your body.

Proven Daily Care for Hormonal Wellbeing: Free yourself from the discomfort and unpredictability of menopausal symptoms. Nurture hormonal harmony—day or night.

Your Balancing Aid for Modern Life

Today's hectic lifestyle can exacerbate menopausal symptoms. Hormone Happy is your secret ally against internal imbalances, promoting hormonal harmony amidst life’s daily challenges.

High Strength Blend of 16 Vitamins, Minerals & Botanicals

✓ Relieves Symptoms of the Menopause

✓ Improves Cognitive Function

✓ Calms the Nervous System

✓ Increases Energy levels

✓ Hormone Regulation

Get Back to Being You

Support your body's natural balance, with our Hormone Happy capsules. Packed with Vitamins, Minerals, Botanicals and Phytoestrogens. Carefully formulated to support symptoms of the menopause, including hormone regulation, energy levels, psychological function, cognitive function, nervous system, blood sugar levels and overall immunity.

Natural Blend of Ingredients

Ultimate Blends sources only the highest-quality natural ingredients. Our Organic Hormone Happy supplement is manufactured under rigorous quality control protocols that include product potency, consistency and efficacy. With no binders, fillers or preservatives, it is highly efficient in the gut, promoting head-to-toe physical and cognitive wellbeing.

Nutritionist Approved Formula

Hormone Happy is a high strength expertly blended formula of 16 Bioactive Ingredients, providing relief from symptoms of the Menopause. Our Nutritionist approved capsules are fast-release, easy-to-swallow-only 7mm in diameter, odourless and with no fillers or additives, they absorb quickly for maximum efficacy, providing optimal nutritional support, so you can get back to being you!

What's Inside Ultimate Blend Hormone Happy?

Support the Body's Natural Balance with a Blend of 16 Vitamins, Minerals & Botanicals, including:

"Achieve optimal health, wellness and longevity by supporting your diet and lifestyle with our premium nutritional supplements. We believe the best vitamins and minerals are those supplied by nature. We offer high-quality supplements that work naturally with the body, allowing you to experience the benefits of whole food nutrition, even if your busy lifestyle doesn't always allow."

Beth Cook, Nutritionist and founder of Ultimate Blend.

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Sophie Thorneycroft
Love this product

I am feeling so much better after using this product, highly recommend!

lindsay wild
Great hormonal supplement

I have been taking happy hormones supplement for over 9 months now and feel the benefit with my menopause symptoms .

Jayne Hughes

I am so glad I found this product, it is truly amazing, I have more energy and I sleep better and the brain fog is lifting, when it went out of stock I noticed a dramatic change so now I make sure I have plenty in 😊

Wouldn't be without it

Oh my word this is really helping me and is so much cheaper than a similar product i've been buying from abroad...life changing and now my go to - just needs to come back in stock!

Hormone Happy Works

Only been taking this product for a week, and I can already feel the difference got alot more spring in my step more chilled out plus don't feel so bloated and i sleep much better will definitely be sticking to this product 🙂