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We have specifically designed this program to help you transform your health and life no matter your reason. With a combination of expert knowledge, support and guidance, this program will help you to feel better than you have in years!


The Master Your Health Program is designed to help you do just that by leading you to better health with professional support and guidance where you need it most. Health is probably the most important element of a person’s well-being. If you are not healthy, you cannot be completely happy, successful, or be living your life to its fullest potential. Investing in your health will spare you a lot of money and future worries and will enable you to live the life you want to lead.

Are You Suffering With Any Of The Below Symptoms? If So, It’s Your Bodies Way Of Saying “Help Me!”

• Regularly experience “brain fog."

• Constantly crave sweet foods and drinks.

• Suffer from bloating and excess gas.

• Experience regular fatigue or insomnia.

• Decreased sex drive.

• Skin conditions like psoriasis, dandruff, or eczema.

• Belly fat that won't shift even with a good diet and exercise.

• Reliant on caffeine and/or sugar fixes to ‘wake-up' and get through the day.

• Lack of motivation and feelings of guilt.

The Master Your Health Program Will Help You To:

• Transform your eating habits.

• Safely lose excess weight.

• Boost your immune system.

• Improve the way you look and feel.

• Increase your energy to feel invigorated.

• Sharpen your mind and remove “brain fog”.

• Reset your metabolism and help kick the cravings.

Here’s What's Included In The Master Your Health Online Program:

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Sleeping Well

Benefits of A Good Night's Sleep, Your Sleeping Pattern, The Sleep Cycle, Good Sleeping habits, Bad Sleeping Habits, Understanding Insomnia, Relaxation Strategies.

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Mind Management

Benefits of Mind Management, Coping Strategies, Successful Mind Management Strategies, Daily Mind Management Activities.

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Nutrition For Optimum Health

The Importance of Good Nutrition For Optimum Health, Eating and Drinking Habits, Working Towards Your Goal, How To Gain More Energy, How To Look and Feel Great, Nutrition Tips.

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Benefits of Exercise, Movement Means Exercise, When To Exercise, A Balanced Exercise Program, 5 Benefits of Yoga.

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Relaxation Strategies

Benefits of Relaxation, Alpha Music, Whole Body Relaxation, Alternate Nostril Breathing, Mindfulness Exercises.

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Work/Life Balance

Benefits of Work/Life Balance, Your Work/Life Balance, Balancing Key Areas, Essential Changes, Managing Pressure, Actions To Achieve Health and Energy.

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Creating Healthy Habits

Understanding How to Create Healthy Habits In Order to Start Living A Healthier Life, Goal Setting and Taking Action.

Get The Support You Need, Right When You Need It, So You Can Finally Make A Change!

Beth Cook, leading Nutritionist and Health and Wellness Consultant has a passion to achieve optimal health, wellness and longevity by supporting their diet and lifestyle with premium nutritional supplements and understanding that knowledge is power.

After spending over 10 years consulting individuals all around the globe, she created her own wellness haven ‘Ultimate Blend’ where she could start to spread the word of wellness much further. Throughout the program, she will be with you every step of the way, helping to guide you and offer support when it’s needed most, through change. Plus you’ll be able to join a thriving online community of like-minded people.

Founder and Director of Ultimate Blend


Once I’ve paid for the program, do I have instant access?

As soon as you've paid for the program, the team at Ultimate Blend will be notified so that we can enroll you onto your course. You will hear from us within 24 hours via email with your enrolment details, please check your junk/spam folder if you don't receive anything in this time.

Can you download and keep the material?

There may be some useful material that you can download and take away with you after working through the course. We only ask that you keep any material you download for yourself or your family. All Ultimate Blend material is subject to copyright laws and cannot therefore be copied or reproduced in any way.

Will there be support in making changes to my health?

Yes, Beth Cook is a professional Nutritionist and Health and Wellness consultant, she will be there to help support you if you need. If however you are on any medication, are pregnant or vulnerable in any way, you must also seek advice from your health care provider.

Can I work through the material in my own time?

Yes absolutely! The program is designed for you to go through at a time that suits you, there is no pressure. The material will be there ready and available for you when you have the time.

Customer Reviews

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Great stuff!

I decided to get into a healthier lifestyle but didn't really know what to do. After seeing these courses I picked this one to help, which it has done massively. My eating habits are much better and I can see a roadmap ahead in terms of changes I need to make to improve my health.