5 Ways to Manage Burnout

5 Ways to Manage Burnout

We all have a choice as to how we respond to the stressors we are presented with, and sometimes, changing our view on this makes a huge difference in how we tackle everything that comes our way. 

Here are five of my favourite ways to keep stress in check, even during those super busy and chaotic times of life.  

1. Connect With Nature Daily  

Getting outside in nature is good for the mind, body, and soul. Plus, soaking up some Vitamin D can do wonders for our overall mood. And, vitamin D has been shown to improve symptoms of fatigue, something so many with burnout deal with. 

So, get outside daily! It will do your mind and your body some good. 

2. Cut Out the Negative 

With burnout often comes negative thinking and inviting negative people into your life is only going to make things much worse.  

Try to limit how much negative you bring in, whether that be in relationships or watching too much negativity on TV. Whatever it is, try to keep things as upbeat as possible, especially when you are feeling depleted. 

3. Set Boundaries 

Speaking of negativity, now’s the time to get serious about setting boundaries! It’s ok to say no — saying no does not make you a bad person. You are allowed to pass on the things that do not serve you at this time. 

Don’t be afraid to really get serious about your boundaries right now to protect your wellbeing. 

4. Get Social 

Whether it’s workplace burnout or you’re feeling drained from everything going on in your day to day life, connection is a powerful thing! Try to get social with your coworkers, reach out to those you love, and pencil in some time for some lunch dates with friends. Connection can go a long way when you are feeling burnt out. 

5. Establish a Work-Life Balance

Since workplace burnout has become such a widespread issue, establishing a better work-life balance may really prove to be beneficial here. As best as you can, try to leave your work at the office and allow space for downtime at home. 

Work from home? Try to set working hours and allow for time where you disconnect from your phone and emails — that 8pm email can most likely wait until the next morning.

I invite you to evaluate where your stress levels are at. Are you dealing with prolonged emotional stress or feeling totally overwhelmed at work? 

See where you stand and use these tips to help create a better balance.

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