Ways to Add More Healthy Fats Into Your Diet!

Ways to Add More Healthy Fats Into Your Diet!

Healthy fats not only taste incredible but they also play a crucial role in the body through supporting the absorption of fat soluble vitamins, supporting brain function and so much more!

Try the following ways to add in more healthy fats to your diet!
  • Sprinkle hemps seeds on baking or your cereal
  • Snack on homemade nut and seed bites
  • Drizzle tahini on top of roasted veg
  • Add chia seeds to water
  • Try avocado on toast (it's delicious!)
  • Create a salad dressing using nut butter as the base

What's your favourite way to include more healthy fats? 

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Today say to yourself over and over “My body is worth delicious and nutritious foods".

Yours in health and happiness,

Beth Cook


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