7 Things Healthy People Do Every Morning

7 Things Healthy People Do Every Morning

You tend to find that healthy, happy people have a routine first thing that sets them going for the day, here’s a glimpse at one below:

  1. Drink A Glass Of Water As Soon As You Wake Up

This rehydrates your body, revs up your digestive system, and gets things flowing. You may notice positive changes like clearer skin and better digestion. Bonus points if you add a squeeze of fresh lemon juice or a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.

  1. Do Not Check Your Email Or Phone For At Least An Hour

Do you sleep with your cell phone next to you and grab it first thing when you wake? This is not a good habit. If you choose to resist the temptation to check your email and Facebook feed until at least an hour after waking up, you'll find that your mind is more clear, focused and happy. Also you’ll have that time in the morning to do something for you; like a Yoga routine or preparing a healthy breakfast...work and Facebook can come later!

  1. Think Of One Thing For Which You Have Gratitude

This sets the stage for positivity throughout the day. If you come up with three or five things, even better. Some ideas:

I am grateful for my health

I am grateful that I have this time to look after myself

I am grateful that today I have time to spend with my family

  1. Step Outside And Take A Deep Breath

Fill your lungs with fresh air. Even if it’s cold outside. This only takes 10 seconds! It reminds you that you are alive and breathing. If you’re busy in the morning, do it when you take the bin out, easy!

  1. Move Your Body

You don’t necessarily have to do an intense workout before breakfast, but moving your body even a little is a great way to get the blood flowing and shake the body into wake-up mode. Simply doing a few stretches is a great option. Or turn on your favourite song and dance like no one is watching. Some other morning movement ideas we love:



HIIT workout

Fast walk in the fresh air

  1. Take Time To Eat A Healthy Breakfast

Rather than reaching for a box of cereal, focus on getting real foods in your body. Eggs, soaked oats, and a Green Juice are all great options. (And they really don’t take that much time to prepare.) Try it out. If you are fasting until lunchtime, take this time to move and plan what healthy lunch you will prepare.

  1. Say Your Affirmations

Look into the mirror and say something positive to yourself. This is a way to embrace positivity; do this and see how your life changes. Some ideas:

I am happy, healthy and ready to go.

Today I will honour myself by giving myself time.

Every cell in my body deserves healthy food.

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Today say to yourself over and over “I am ready to make a healthy change” and know you’re worth it!

Yours in health and happiness,

Beth Cook 


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