Surprising Benefits of Ashwagandha

Surprising Benefits of Ashwagandha


According to MSN, being sexually active is associated with an array of physical, mental, emotional, social and intellectual benefits. It can lower your blood pressure, make you stronger, burn calories and improve your immune system — not to mention your mood. The report noted that a major reason for reduced libido is stress.

Sure, there are medications to improve your sex drive — we’ve all seen the commercials — but why not try a natural solution instead of prescription drugs?

Ashwagandha has been used around the world for a very long time to enhance sex drive.

As an aphrodisiac, ashwagandha increases your sexual drive by stimulating the production of nitric oxide and increasing the blood flow to the genitals. It improves circulation by dilating your blood vessels and can be used for men who have erectile dysfunction.

Ashwagandha is a plant native to India. This "rejuvenator" herb has been used in ancient Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine for thousands of years and helping to boost your libido is just one of the benefits it offers. It is one of the few herbs that can help your body adapt to stress by balancing your immune system, metabolism and hormonal systems. It can help your body manage and adapt to stress by balancing your immune system, metabolism and hormonal systems. Its anti-inflammatory, antitumor, antistress, antioxidant and rejuvenating properties makes it one of the most important herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. Research also shows that, when compared to a placebo, ashwagandha has been shown to significantly reduce symptoms of stress in those with a history of chronic stress.

While ashwagandha is generally safe and well-tolerated, there are certain groups that should avoid it, including pregnant women, breastfeeding women or people taking sedatives.

So now you know that it can improve your sex life and ease your stress, but there are myriad other benefits, one of the most well-known being its ability to alleviate the symptoms of arthritis without the serious side effects that come with conventional treatment.

Ashwagandha may also reduce your blood pressure, ease or inhibit inflammation, increase energy and strength, improve adrenal function, provide pain relief, boost memory, combat insomnia, nourish and protect your liver, protect nerve and thyroid function and more.

And, oh yes, did we mention ashwagandha is in our Sleep Aid!

Thank you for taking the time to read this blog. Today say to yourself over and over “I am happy and healthy and ready for more!” and know you’re worth it!

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